Lovely St Albans

Have you seen our beautiful mohair throws from St. Albans? This iconic Australian brand is still going strong after sixty years in the business, and we can't say we're surprised! With a focus on quality, sustainability and comfort, St Albans ticks all the right boxes.

Right now we have a select range of their mohair throw rugs in store, in gorgeous bright colour palette to take you from winter to spring. The mohair fibre has unique insulating properties, which provide warmth in winter and cool-ventilation in summer - perfect if you don't want to stash away your beautiful winter woollies when the warmer weather comes around. To top it off, mohair is non-felting and soil-resitant. Can you tell why we're so in love with these rugs?!

St Albans mohair throws, $175 each / Bonnie and Neil cushion $ 125

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