What's the time?

Is it Summer or is it Autumn? It's the Melbourne we love and here at Sedonia we're telling the time on the Dimmey's clock by Blink.
We're also wearing this beautiful pure wool scarf by Lee Garrett, it's super light but warm enough for that unexpected cool breeze.


Lovely L'ascari

Made in Australia using soy wax, these Italian style candles have beautiful pure scents like Vanilla, Gardenia, Grapefruit and Persimmon, Coconut Lime and Verbena.... oh so yummy, but please do not eat, no matter how delicious they smell!

Whats For Dinner?

What are you cooking? Does it have anything special in it? Is it an old fashioned recipe? Maybe it was your Nanna's recipe? I made a Very Full Tart from the Ottolenghi cook book Plenty and it was delicious!

Japanese Tea Party

No, these aren't vintage Mikasa , They are from Japan and they are revival vintage style tea sets, milk and sugar anyone?

Simply Nice

The afternoon sun comes flooding in through the shop windows, school kids are trotting home, mothers and their babies in prams walk past, old people stroll by and cards roll down the road, it is a cloudy afternoon but there are nice things in here. I had a chat to a lady today about how relaxing it is to just look at nice stuff. 
Well, here you go, sit back, relax, and look!

Ding Ding! Next Stop Sedonia

Oh My Goodness, How I wish I had this lovely toy tram as a child. Make Me Iconic have made it, wooden and painted with non toxic paints, it comes with passengers, conductors, and the roof lifts off for a handy birds-eye-view experience. Something for the kids, and certainly the grown ups to enjoy too!