Travels with my Aunt

Having just finished reading Graham Greene's Travels with My Aunt I am feeling the travel itch, although I cannot afford to take the Orient Express to Istanbul or a river cruise in South America I can enjoy a world map or postcard themed box, perfect for storing post cards, letters, souvenirs and other treasures from far off lands and those adventures yet to come. Available in four sizes and three different patterns.

Red and Blue Baggu

Red and Blue canvas Baggu back packs are super kawaii and useful. Plenty of buckles and drawstrings and pockets to keep you from too much bag rummaging! Decorate with badges and scarves and key rings and viola! you'll have satisfied your bag fetish with an ergonomic and stylish new pal.


The Craft of Space

Spacecraft screen printed cushions this season are brightly bold yet thoughtfully nostalgic; thistle prints, old photographs and paperback novels to soften and spruce your personal spaces. Clever and Crafty!

The Simple Treasures

I have been bee stung on my finger by a bee, my dog got bitten by another dog and a thunder storm seems immanent this afternoon however I must simply remember some simple treasures; a bucket of bakers twine, mechanical khol pencils in fresh colours and wrapping paper that doubles as a paper doll game, little treats on grey afternoons are a few of my favourite things.


20% off DuckFeet boots!

Duckfeet Boots are now on SALE! 20% off the marked price on all shoes currently in stock.


Something to Sneeze At

Feeling the sniffles coming on? Perhaps you should equip yourself with a good old fashioned handkerchief by Hanky Panky, there are girly ones, lady like ones, boyish ones and ones for misters and sirs too because everybody gets a bit sneezey don't they?


To Market, To Market

If your not in love with your green bag perhaps a woven jute basket would make supermarket trips a little sweeter. Available in large, medium and small sizes, and a teeny tiny size for little shoppers too.


A little bird told me

Noisy gifts for children aren't always a great idea however, lovely french brand Moulin Roty have made the exception to the rule: ceramic and wooden bird call whistles that come in darling little boxes. Are you a whistler or a warbler or a cuckoo or a turtle dove?