Red Birds, Birch Birds, White Boats, Green Trees: Christmas Decorations Scandanavian Style

These stunningly sweet wooden candle wreaths have floated in from the land of lovely design, Sweden. Deck the halls with wooden birds and sail boats this christmas, can't you just see these all lit up in the centre of a festive table of roasts and salads and wine and bonbons?


French Scents Make Sense

These gorgeous perfumes by Fragonard have arrived in beautiful packaging and are available in four scents; Emilie, Eau Fantasque, Capucine and Etoile. Hints of bergamot and green tea, spring flowers and fresh leafy blossoms will have you spritzing your way into summer with a trail of petals hovering all about you. That sounds pretty lovely doesn't it?


Australian Birds are the Word

Beautiful prints of cockatoos by Bonnie and Neil are in store, or maybe you would prefer this Miss Jones   cockatoo lamp.... 


Many a Moleskine at Sedonia

Moleskines are in store now, we have gridded notebooks, soft covers, hard covers, blank paged, 2011 diaries in large and small, red and black, watercolour sketch books...... it goes on and on so come in and check it out if your in need of something to write your lists in, something to draw your pictures in, something to help you remember all those important dates or something to write a great short story in.