5 beautiful Christmas ideas

 Snowglobes - not just for kitsch.
We now have simple and elegant snowglobes in store, so you can have your very own white Christmas. And, you can design your own, using your favourite photos. 

 Jack in the box 
Surprise! Guess who's coming to dinner? This little guy makes kids light up, over and over and over and over and over again.  Endless entertainment and smiles, $40.

Portuguese soaps
Softly scented soaps from Portugal. Aren't the labels just so lovely? We love them clustered together.

Finnish tableware 
Intricate designs of peacocks and curls and twirls, dark and light, bright and sweet. Put your Christmas table together, one setting at a time. Various prices.

The Christmas Bunny. Yes, we said Bunny. 
Here's the Christmas bunny, and he's a lamp that works just as well for kids or your own inner child. $99.


The Design Files

The Design Files

sedonia1.jpg (image)

sedonia1.jpg (image)

New Opening Hours for Sedonia

Monday - Thursday 10 am - 5 pm
Friday                     10  am - 6 pm 
Saturday                 10  am - 5 pm
Sunday                   10  am - 4 pm


Balance bikes for the kids

We just took delivery of another new shipment of Wooden.net.au balance bikes for little kids.  Designed to give kids balance and have fun,  safely these just keep rolling along.  They help develop motor skills, and are an elegant ride for the little peeps.

Come inside, we just expanded

Come inside, Sedonia has just expanded into the bright, light space next door to our original digs on Gamon Street, and we've filled it with beautiful new stock.

Let's have a peep ... yes, these are the Clare Whitney prints we've chosen. Which is your favourite?


How to find Sedonia


Nicola & Inge - Sedonia style & design hunters

Nicola and Inge own Sedonia. They are best friends who met when they were both art students. They love good design, beautiful arts and crafts, unique fashion and strong style.

They have both lived in and around Melbourne's inner west, and love their neighbourhood and the artists, designers and studios that thrive in Melbourne.

Nicola has been a successful mosaic artist with many of her works highly visible in and around Melbourne. Before opening Sedonia, Inge was in the interior design business, providing unique products for architectural and residential interiors. Both are busy working mothers, with a strong sense of family and friendship.

Sedonia is where they like to show and sell the things they love to see, touch, wear and buy. There is nothing in the shop they don't love to bits, and hope you will too.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Me and Amber prints

Is this art or is this beauty?

Our lovely shoe department


Hello and welcome to our blog. Sedonia is a small store in Seddon, full (very full ) of beautiful things we like, sourced from all over the world including many locally produced works by our wonderful community here in Melbourne's inner west and surrounds.

If you have not yet been to the store, here's just some of the items you will find...... clothing, jewellery, bicycles, artworks, toys, cards, stationary, antiques, charts, kitchenwear, furniture, sewing kits, craftworks, puppets, candles and heaps of nice smelling stuff.

We hope to see you soon,


Inge & Nicola