A Very Hairy Fathers Day

There have been lots of beards around lately, have you noticed? 
Have men become lazy or gone a bit colonial or are  rugged? For the bearded father we have beardy plates, egg cups, mugs and tea towels by Donna Wilson 
(And if your Dad is not so whiskery we have some lovely shave balm too)


There's a Girl in My Tea

 Oh the pretty little people who live on these ceramic wares by Ingrid Tufts are so sweet, the sets of three dishes stack into one another like little babushka's or can be used singularly as teacups. 
Which character are you?
the mademoiselle, madame or monsieur  ?

Magic Lamps

MRD are an Australian based interior company and they make some of the finest lamps and light shades around. As you can see... Vintage wall paper styles and textural fabrics make it difficult to choose!

Marimekko My Day

Oh Marimekko, how do you do it? 
We have quite a selection of goodies from Marimekko at the moment, teatowels, trays, shower curtains and the ussual assortment of tea cups, mugs, plates, bowls and stunning teapots.