We are Open Melbourne Cup Day

Children in Costume for Queen's Parade, St Andrews School, Werribee, circa 1924
Sedonia will be Open on Tuesday the 1st of November
 Melbourne Cup Day
11am until 4pm
The picture above is from the Melbourne Museum's online archive of photographs of Melbourne. 
You can have a look here at Melbourne Museum.

Bats and Bones and Pirates

Well it is Halloween in the northern hemisphere, although it is a good excuse to dress up isn't it?... or dress some children up? or do some spooky craft? or buy some gruesome accessories? Yes?
Good, i'm glad you agree because although Sedonia may not seem to have a dark side, it turns out we do!

From the excellent ladies at Harvest we have Bat in a Bag! Sew your own little bat friend (there are also friendly owls and raining cloud sewing kits if that's more your thing)
For your little budding pirate or explorer or if you feel like covering yourself in temporary tattoos and leaving messages in bottles we have wonderful kits of compasses, sailing boats and other old fashioned maritime themed toys and games.
From Meow Girl, who is a clever lady from Sydney we have boney bracelets and necklaces that are wickedly loverly.
So there you have it, the Halloween low down from Sedonia... no Tricks just Treats!


Dream Weavers

Woven rugs, mats, super sizes baskets and carry all bags in natural woven jute and hessian are in stock now! The bags could be useful as a sturdy shopping bag, clothes hamper or filled up with blocks and lego as toy storage if being organised is your cup of tea.

Hats Off To You!

Travel Straw Hats by Hayden Longhurst are in store now. The Travel Straw hats are fabulous, as their name suggests, for travelling as they can be crunched and crushed up into your suitcase and then amazingly unpacked without a worry, they will never lose their shape. How Clever is That?

Elk have made some chic and stylish trilby and panama hats, they are unisex and perfect for those sunny days at music festivals, beach romps and park picnics... Ease back into a canvas deck chair, put some cider in a Willow esky, listen to Neil Young on a Sunday afternoon in your backyard and don a hat, I say!