Sweet Seats

Nostalgically coloured childrens chairs have arrived at Sedonia. I feel like Goldilocks, these chairs are too small for me but there are certainly some little peeps who they would be just right for.


Cosy Toes

Go for a walk, get on the train, sit in the library, take a look at the ankles around you, is it not a nice suprise when you catch that little glimpse of a cute patterned sock between the cuff of jeans and the edge of a shoe? A nice woolly colour or perhaps one blue sock and one red sock? Suddenly, the world is sneaky and fun and you will be glad to know the fun sock people exist and are proudly supported by Sedonia.

Extremely Nice Kitchen Things

Getting ready for chilly autumn, I plan to spend lots of time in the kitchen baking bread and borsch and shortbread and lovely hearty tummy warming meals. Sedonia have plenty of lovely enamel kitchenware, old fashioned and useful as well as plenty of cleaning accessories, wooden spoons, cookie cutters, measuring spoons and oh so much more.


Scrubbing Day!

Pippi Longstocking's scrubbing day was a song and dance routine: sliding around with scrubbing brushes atatched to her feet. I wonder if Pippi used these lovely scrubbers, feather dusters and bottle brushes to keep her big old house clean. Sedonia is now stocking these German made Burstenhaus Redecker cleaning accessories to make rainy day cleaning a little bit chirpier.           Think Pippi!