Our mini makeover

We've been a bit quiet on the blog front lately, and I wonder if, like us, you're thinking "where has the year gone?!" Before we know it winter is upon us and we're buckling down for some cosy time indoors doing some of the things we love: cooking, reading and pottering about, and of course spending time with family and friends. 

Cushions and blankets in store to keep you cosy during Winter

Metallic cushion from Spacecraft, black and white cushion from Bonnie + Neil, blankets from St Albans

A selection of Bonnie + Neil printed cushions and a patchwork Citta cushion

Beautifully cosy Mohair throws from St Albans

Just in time for the cooler months we have finished a 'mini makeover' in the shop. Some of you have no doubt already seen the transformation, but if not, do drop past and say hi. We are so delighted to have beautiful natural light pouring through our new skylights, which are actually part of the original building, but were hidden behind a false ceiling for many years. The natural light really gives a sense of spaciousness which we are really loving! 

We've also wallpapered our back wall in our very fancy Piet Hein Eek 'Scrapwood' wallpaper from Holland. This paper is seriously convincing! You have to look closely to tell that what looks like weathered timber panelling, is in fact an illusion. We also have this available for sale in store.