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There's nothing more exciting than when a designer makes something truly unique that's also helping the environment. 
Italian design company Seletti brings us 'Egg of Columbus' by Valentina Carretta. These stunning lamp shades are made from recycled egg cartons and come in three different designs.

 Egg of Columbus Lamp Shade $55

 Egg of Columbus Light Shade $55

Egg of Columbus Light Shade $55

Marimekko - The Weather Diary

We were so excited to receive our first delivery of the latest Marimekko collection entitled 'the Weather Diary' last week. This collection was inspired by observing seasonal weather changes. The moody soft pallette of dark greens, blues and warm yellows is a beautiful reflection of changing landscapes.

Marimekko The Weather Diary

Marimekko The Weather Diary

 Marimekko Teapot $99 // Marimekko Mug $27

 Marimekko Bowl $37

Marimekko Jug $95

 Marimekko Coffee Cup $26

Marimekko Plate $45

Sedonia xx

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