Red Birds, Birch Birds, White Boats, Green Trees: Christmas Decorations Scandanavian Style

These stunningly sweet wooden candle wreaths have floated in from the land of lovely design, Sweden. Deck the halls with wooden birds and sail boats this christmas, can't you just see these all lit up in the centre of a festive table of roasts and salads and wine and bonbons?


  1. Hi Guys
    Looking lovely! I just came across these really cute reusable greeting cards, and thought they'd fit Sedonia beautifully - check them out here http://www.merrygoround.com.au

  2. I WANT one - can you put one aside for me? Bisous
    PS those Swedish wooden sandals I bought from you are the BEST thing I've ever had on my feet! No blisters, no aches and pains. I'm coming back for more!