5 beautiful Christmas ideas

 Snowglobes - not just for kitsch.
We now have simple and elegant snowglobes in store, so you can have your very own white Christmas. And, you can design your own, using your favourite photos. 

 Jack in the box 
Surprise! Guess who's coming to dinner? This little guy makes kids light up, over and over and over and over and over again.  Endless entertainment and smiles, $40.

Portuguese soaps
Softly scented soaps from Portugal. Aren't the labels just so lovely? We love them clustered together.

Finnish tableware 
Intricate designs of peacocks and curls and twirls, dark and light, bright and sweet. Put your Christmas table together, one setting at a time. Various prices.

The Christmas Bunny. Yes, we said Bunny. 
Here's the Christmas bunny, and he's a lamp that works just as well for kids or your own inner child. $99.


  1. Hi Guys

    just wanted to let you know I'm thrilled with my new bicycle basket! Can you tell me if the wicker is treated? is it ok if it gets caught in the rain?

  2. Hi Christie,

    Glad you love the basket. We love them too!

    We will check about the rain etc.


  3. Thanks - I've got to drop in next weekend to do some christmas shopping so I'll ask then. Also, you were interested in where I got my Pashley - it was from www.bakerlite.com.au in yarraville, see you soon!